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 How do I sign up?

Simply click the "Register Today" button.  Registration is quick, easy and FREE! 

Do I have to create a Profile?

You do not have to create a profile if you just want to browse.  However, if you wish to contact another member or would like to be contacted, you must complete your profile. Remember it is FREE to create your profile!

Do I have to upload a photo?

No, you do not have to upload a photo.  You may use all of the features of FunAndLuv.com without uploading a photo.  However, the photo may possibly be the most important part of your profile.  This is the first impression that someone will get of you.   Often, other members will not even look at profiles without a photo.   A good photo is key.  Make sure that your photo is a nice face shot and current.   It is important to have a clear, quality photo.  You may upload as many photos as you like and each and every one is FREE! 
Nudity is not permitted.  

How long does it take to have my profile posted?

Your profile is posted immediately.  All profiles are checked within 24 hours to insure that they contain only appropriate content.

How do I make changes to my profile after I have posted it?

You simply Sign In and go to “My Homepage” and click on “My Profile”.  You then click on “Modify Profile”.   You only have to modify the items that you want to change.  Once you have made your changes, click the “Finish” button and your profile will be updated.  You may change your profile as often as you like.  It is always FREE to do!

Are members on this site screened?

Yes – Every prospective member of this site must have valid e-mail address.  A new membership cannot be activated without an e-mail address.  However, we are unable to carry out extensive background checks due to the strict privacy and confidentially we extend to each and every member.  You must be cautious and use common sense about divulging personal information to members you meet on this or any website. We do our best to protect you, but we cannot be responsible for any damages caused to you by using this site.   Please contact the administrator if you feel any posting is inappropriate.

Are profiles screened? Is there any limit to what I can put in my profile?

 Yes.  All member profiles will be reviewed when they are posted and when any changes are made. We reserve the right to refuse any profile or photograph that we feel is inappropriate for this site.  For your safety and privacy please do not include any personal information in your profile including, but not limited to: home address, personal beeper, cell or telephone number, outside email address or personal web address or bank details.  We do not allow any advertising of services on member profiles.  Any members that attempt this may face legal action and be permanently banned from this site.  Please report any of these activities to FunAndLuv.com support at support@FunAndLuv.com
Attempts to advertise other services via our website is prohibited and any attempts to do so will result in legal action being taken and the offender being permanently banned from the site.

What is my “Blog” and how do I use it?

Your Blog is a great way to share your interests and experiences with other members.  Blogging allows you to tell other members a little more about yourself and therefore increasing your chances of being contacted.    However, you cannot advertise other services via your Blog. 
To post on your Blog, once you are signed in you just click on “Blog” in your menu.  On the “Blog” page you click on the “Create New Post” button.  You may input a blog title and then input your blog entry.  You can click on “Preview” to see how your blog entry will look to other members or “Publish” to save your blog entry for others to view.   You can post as often as you like.  And it is 100% FREE!

Can I control who is able to “Post a Comment” to my blog entries?

Yes.  Your “Blog settings” default enables any users to “Post a Comment” to your blog entries.  However, you have the option to allow only people who are on your “Favorites List” to “Post a Comment”.  To do this you just go to your Blog page, click on “Blog Settings”.  In the “Who Can Comment” drop down menu choose “Members on my favorites list only” and then click “Save”.  You can change this setting any time and as often as you like.  This is always 100% FREE!

Can I block another user from contacting me?

Yes.  If you receive a message from a user and you wish not to be contacted by this individual, you simply click the “Block user” in the Received Message menu. 

How do I search for members?

You can search our database by preference, from your “My Home Page”. You can change or add to your search criteria at any time and your personal search options will automatically save these changes for the next time you return to your page.  You may save as many searches as you like.  All searches are 100% FREE!

How do I find a member by their member name?

Under “Quick Links” on your “My Home Page”, click on “Advanced search”.  Under “Member Search”, input the Member’s User name in the Member Name field and click “GO”.

How do I send an Instant Message to another member?

To send an Instant Message the other member must be signed into FunAndLuv.com .  You just click on the “IM” icon on the far right side of the hotlist for that person or while viewing their profile you simply click on “Instant Message” in the Make Contact menu.  Either way, an Instant Message window will pop-up, you type your message in the window and click on “Send Message”.  Your message is sent and also appears in the Instant Message window.  The Instant Message window will pop up on the other members screen with your message.  They may type a message and send it right back.  You may IM back and forth as much as you like.  And it is 100% FREE!!

How do I send e-mail to another member?

You can send e-mails to other members by clicking the button “Send Message” in the Make Contact menu on that person’s profile.  The other person does not have to be logged onto FunAndLuv.com to receive e-mail. The e-mail will go to the other member’s mailbox on FunAndLuv.com .  FunAndLuv.com will send a message to the receiver’s outside e-mail informing them that they have a new e-mail. Your outside e-mail address is never revealed to another member.  Again, you may send as many e-mails as you wish and it is always 100% FREE!

How do I receive e-mails from other members?

When you have received a new e-mail, the number of new messages will appear next to the “Mailbox” link on your “My Home Page”.  FunAndLuv.com will also send an e-mail to your outside e-mail informing you that you have received a new e-mail from another member. You just click on the link to sign-in and view your new e-mail. Once in your “Mailbox” you will see a list of your messages.  To view the message, click on the Subject title.  This is in blue under “Subject”.  You can view the senders Profile by clicking on their User name under “From”.

Is my outside e-mail address ever revealed to a member that I send to or receive e-mail from?

No.  The e-mails between members are sent within FunAndLuv.com and only reveal User names, no e-mail addresses.  You are sent an e-mail to your outside e-mail address from FunAndLuv.com informing you that you have a new e-mail message, but no members e-mail addresses are ever revealed in these e-mails.

I do not wish to appear in the Who’s Online listing, is that possible?

Yes.  Under the “Privacy Settings”, you may enable or disable several different settings.  This is to maintain the level of privacy that you are comfortable with.  However, if you disable your “Who’s Online” setting, you will not be able to receive IMs from other members.  This feature is 100% FREE!

How can I cancel my membership?

Log in and go to your “My Profile” page. Under “Available options” you click on “Cancel My Membership”.  You will be asked to confirm or cancel.

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